Aircraft not loading?

When I log in to Live mode, nobody else’s aircraft shows up. Only a white box icon. How can I fix it?

The planes simply need time to load. They will load in soon enough. With the clouds, buildings, and loads of other pilots, the load time can be a bit slow.

Also, only a select number of planes will appear in order to save memory on the device, the ones closest to you will appear and the others will be white boxes, if you have that feature turned on

Try increasing your Live Aircraft Count in Settings → Live

Yeah from my experience during beta it can sometimes take up to a minute to load…even in solo mode

Not that, the update hasn’t arrived for my mobile device. When I load in, only the liveries ive used before load in but all other only show the users white box and aircraft information such as speed, aircraft type and distance.

If you’re on 20.3, you wouldn’t be able to see the new liveries of 21.1 and they would only appear with name tags and/or boxes (as you have experienced). Aircraft in older liveries should be loading in eventually. If they aren’t loading in either, have you tried increasing the airplane count as suggested above?

Yes I’ve tried that, do I need to download all of the liveries for it to load?

To my knowledge, they should download automatically. Might take a little while at times

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