Aircraft not loading on aircraft / livery selection

Hello, as it says in the title, after the update, my IF has been doing this. It automatically comes on with a 737 KLM and I cannot see any other aircraft. Or nothing at all. Here are some examples.



And if you restart the app? Is everything fine then?


Trying to delete the cache

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I restart app, but that only solves issue to the 1st picture

And have you taken any other measures like reinstalling Infinite Flight, or restarting your device?

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No I have not

Hey! Thanks for the report. Does the loading spinner show when you change aircraft?

I’d additionally like to add that clearing scenery cache has nothing to do with this. Scenery cache is exactly that, a cache of the scenery that your flight loads as you fly. It has nothing to do with aircraft loading/not loading.


Yes it does which is why I am really confused.

Are you using Infinite Flight on a network that may be restricted (i.e. school/work network with filters)?

I would try restarting the app and using it on a different network to see if the pics download.


No I am using home wifi. Nothing restricted. I have restarted app and it only solves 1st picture for me… I will try do use different network.

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hello! All solved because of @Cameron and a few of my ideas. Can be closed now πŸ˜‰

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