Aircraft not going to set altitude

So I’m currently doing a flight and my autopilot altitude is set to FL370 but my aircraft isn’t staying there it keeps going up and down from 37

What aircraft are you on?

A little deviation from set altitude is normal, don’t worry.

Most probably you are too high compared to your weight.
Which aircraft are you fyling and what is your load?


566, 026 lbs and going down obviously it’s in low amber

Boeing 777-300er

The poor physics of the plane is rather known unfortunately. I suggest disengaging the Altitude Hold but keep your VS Hold on at 0

I’m sure this will be fixed in a rework in the near future. But the 200ER is first at the moment so patience is a virtue 🙃

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The “fluctuation” you’ve mentioned appears to be within 20 feet of FL370. This is not an aircraft issue within the game as mentioned above.

A fluctuation of that small amount is absolutely nothing and is extremely common, even in real life. This is caused by many factors, the most common one being turbulence. You’ve got nothing to worry about👍🏻

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Known issue. Here is one of many topics about it:

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a common issue with the 773. I recommend, turn off ALT and only set VS to 0 instead. That fixes it for me

whoops just saw the response above

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Hi everyone it’s fine now after I turned the altitude off but put vs 0


Have a nice flight;)

Thanks I’m doing London Heathrow to Beijing and as of now I’m 95nm away

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