Aircraft not following instructions?

I was the ATC on the training server for ground and tower at WSSS (for fnf) from 0533Z to 0737Z and at one point I encountered an aircraft that was instructed to taxi 22R contact tower when ready. No read back and this guy suddenly switches to tower while taxiing. He turned towards the runway and I immediately instructed him to hold short. He entered the runway. I told him to exit runway any expedite, traffic on final. He doesn’t exit so I instruct the A380 on final to go around. He doesn’t so the 2 aircraft collide on the runway. I wanted to report the aircraft that enters the runway but I couldn’t because my controller rating was too low (Even though I have 823 valid atc ops). Did I do the right thing?? I am super confused.

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There is nothing you could do about it on the training server, the training server is where pilots and controllers alike come to learn how to fly and control, the best way of getting the best experience while controlling in a professional environment is to join IFATC, here you will have pilots that actually have an idea of what they are doing and you have the authority to report pilots who are being disruptive and not following your instructions.

I suggest checking that post out, read it, and if you meet the requirements message a Recruiter with your application, before that I suggest opening up a tracking thread like @AsternAviation mentioned down below, and practicing your skills, and do your research on ATC procedures for tower and ground so you can be ready for both of your exams.

I wish you the best of luck if you apply!

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Unfortunately, as this is the training server, things like this happen. It sounds like you did everything right. If you’re looking for professional pilots to fly in your airspace, you can always open up a Tracking Thread.

See mine here: @AsternDestroyer's ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED MY PRACTICAL]


And I didn’t even need to read the whole text, all i saw was people not listening and began reading the body and said training server
people do not have to listen to ATC’s instructions on the training server it may be annoying but there is nothing you can do. If you want to have realistic ATC sessions please consider joining IFATC :)


And to follow along from the above replies, you will not be able to report anyone until you become IFATC. No matter how many operations u have. Definitely Open a tracking thread and I will come fly


Thank you all for the replies! Unfortunately, I can’t apply for IFATC yet but when I turn 14 in Dec I’ll try my luck.

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