Aircraft not following instructions

I have been seeing this pop up all over the place. When aircraft are inbound they will recuest an inactive rwy. After repeated attempts to get them to respond they dont. This kind of act is really annoying and there should be a feature to let people know why they are being vectored to a different runway.

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There’s not much you can do if this is Training Server.

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Ya it is, but maybe they will change it one day. For example about 1 min ago a 747 landed on the wrong runway and then sped off of the runway on to the taxi way hitting traffic

That sort of stuff is bound to happen all the time except if you’re on the Expert Server.

That’s TS1 for you. Just wait until you can get onto expert.

I have a similar problem but with departures. I have aircraft that will come up and request to taxi to a runway that is not active and when I say to taxi to a different runway, they either ignore it completely or submit the same request.

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Like I said above it’s the training or casual servers. People don’t listen.

We have recently changed the training server requirements to try and refrain pilots from gaining violations therefore forcing pilots to fly appropriately however, that’s the best you’ll get for the training server.

If you would like to provide a professional ATC experience check out this thread below:


Ya I want to be an IFATC

Check out the link I provided and message a recruiter with all the details required.

Goodluck :)