Aircraft not allowed at airport

I think this should be put in the sim because there are so many people flying planes in airports that don’t allow or can’t serve different aircraft because of the size or type of airport. This would be nice to have at San Clemente because of the amount of passenger and GA aircraft that would never come to the airport unless of an emergency.


I would disagree. There’s quite a higher ratio of GA airports to Intl/Rgl, and if we were being realistic here, commercial flights wouldn’t have much of a variation of routes to fly. At the very least, maybe something like keeping single props out of Major internationals, but not all GA. (Citations are General Aviation, too).

ATC have the possibility to deny entry of an aircraft into his airspace due to size or events or other.
I don’t exactly understand what you meant, how would this be illustrated in IF?

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Think he means you would not even be able to spawn there…

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You mean something like a321 at EGLC, right?

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That’s what I thought too! But we also need to think about a way to deny nutty for landing (other than a message from ATC)

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Yes! Just yesterday I found so many A380’s flying in Canberra. ITS CANBERRA!!

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Yep daily occurrence a380 at Canberra

I think theres a warning on the FLP that shows if the airplane is too large or not right!?when you select an airport

If we’d do that, there would be fewer flights flying here and there. As most flights in IF don’t follow as In real Life.

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I don’t support this. Sometimes I like to fly Air Force charters into Air Bases to drop off troops.

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There aren’t any military charter liveries in IF. You could do it in the c-17.

Yes I know that but what I mean is no GA planes in San Clemente for example.

He probably means the Air Force 747s.

Omni 777 transports troops from time to time as far as I’m aware.

That’s probably the only one that should be allowed.

All civil airports have GA areas or GA capability. I don’t agree with banning single-prop GA from Bravo airports just because they don’t fit in speed wise. If anything, pilots behind them give a little extra room to compensate…

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I agree in general that civil aircraft and military aircraft should stick to their designated airfields, e.g Civil - KLAX, Military - KNUC/KEDW etc…

That’s not what I mean. Do you see GA aircraft at an airbase?

I don’t understand, @Narroc_Wim. What do you mean by “major internationals” in your original post?