Aircraft Nose Goes Down When Disconnect the A/P

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When I try to land any aircraft in infinite flight, I turn off the A/P at 100 or 200ft AGL, its nose goes rapidly and fastly to down position and I barely pull lots of yoke to get it to steady position. I try to make my mobile position well to stabilise yoke while landing.

I’ve used B738 and B777 so far. I land the aircraft at 135 to 145knots with full flaps. Kindly help me.

I recommend trimming your aircraft

or here’s a great topic made by Kuba_Jaroszczyk

I concur with @VibrantPixel. It is imperative to trim your aircraft to avoid nose-diving when you disconnect the autopilot. I recommend about 15-35% of trim for all aircraft (with some exceptions).


Try calibrating your controls before disconnect A/P, always works for me. 🌞

Yea I have a simaller problem and my landings are harder because of that

All right. 40 degree trim has worked for me on B777. Nice. But when i turn AP Off at 200AGL, the nose sometimes turns right or left and aircraft goes away from runway. What about this guys?

Thanks to all for helping.

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Maybe you went too fast?



Just calibrate before Disconnect the AutoPilot. Put a good configuration for your trim %

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Calibrate your device. Trim till the yoke is in the neutral position or match your device pitch with the yoke’s position. Works for me! :)

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I understand what you mean. When I disconnect the A/P i put my device to around the same as it was when I calibrated before takeoff. I do this every flight and it really works. Sometimes after I disconnect, I have to make sure that I shut the A/P off because its so stable. I hope this helps you!!


Honestly I still have this and id say my landings and approaches are decent. But how i counteract this is I 1) anticipate the nose drop with a really gentle pull back, being super smooth with the device and pulling down the trim to have positive trim. Make sure the trim isnt adding +5% you need plus 1. This method sounds like a lot but once you keep practicing this it’ll be second nature. I dont even notice the nose drop anymore when my plane is untrimmed. 2) the first way i dealt with it was just taking the AP off higher maybe like 700-500 ft so the nose is not dropping at a super critical phase of flight. I usually take out the AP around the 1000ft call out or in the range I said before.

Hope this helps

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I’ve read all replies. Thanks guys. First I calibrate and then increase trim +10. It is working for me

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