Aircraft names

How come some players can choose a “word” name? For example, I saw one aircraft with the CALLSIGN (not name) AIRPLANE. Is it at a certain grade or…?

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You can do this at any grade. I don’t fully remember how to get to it but I think it is settings → callsign. If you start a flight and click the pause menu and click on your name it is right near there.

You can change your call sign by clicking into your Display name in the top right.

Here is your account details. Press into your Callsign below your display name.

Here you can change the Callsign to whatever you wish. I hope you know now how this person changed the Callsign to an, “AIRPLANE”. Or “Alpha India Romeo Papa Lima Alpha November Echo”


If you select Airlines it will give you the airline name so it will actually read “American 224” instead of by letter.

Please keep in mind that the longer your General Aviation callsign is the more likely you will get asked to change it. Since it reads letter by letter it can be annoying to hear so many letters and delay the controller.

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