Aircraft moving back and forth after taking off

Good evening/afternoon/morning everyone!

Last night after landing at EGLL, as I was taxiing to the gate, I saw an aircraft departing and every few seconds I saw that plane moving back and forth multiple times. After that I noticed quite intense frame stuttering. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this at times ? Is that a known issue ? Is there something I can do to fix it ? Cheers

iPad pro 5th generation 12.9:
iOS 17.5:


This happens when the network delay is larger than the app expects.
If it’s only happening for one aircraft that you’re seeing, the issue is most likely on that players end. If you’re seeing multiple users with the same behaviour, it’s most likely on your end.

The app expects the aircraft to be at a certain position and if their latency temporarily increases, it will not be in that position and it will be adjusted. That adjustments is the back & forth you’re seeing.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Thanks @schyllberg yes that makes sense. Is there any way I can fix that ?

It’s not your problem. you can’t fix it. You see other planes going underground or something because that plane has a bad network, and you can’t go to his house and ask him to adjust the network, right? haha

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