Aircraft Movements on the Expert Server!

I love everyone on IF but when it’s a busy BUSY airspace and traffic is behind you, stopping almost to a standstill is horrible for ATC and pilots alike! There have been four go arounds and ATC JUST PUT EVERYONE IN A HOLD. Lordttttt 🤣😩🤣

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Ouch, I remember having something like that. Literally could’ve flew across the world IRL before o could’ve taken off

Ok maybe not

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Always remember to take in mind that, we care about having everything organized, and as ATC we want you to depart / arrive on time or as soon as possible, but there are some circumstances the don’t let us work as we want, like pilots not following instructions or landing using a unnecessary speed. There are more circumstances, we thank you for your patience tho. Also, the big amount of aircraft in the same frequency requesting every 1 second despite the fact you told them to hold position or any other command. At really busy airports expected high delays.


Agreed! Land, hit the high speed exit at 30kts, and continue to slow to a safe taxi speed. Spend minimal time on the runway and help out your fellow pilots/controllers! Great reminder. Thanks!