Aircraft Movements at Seoul Incheon and Tokyo Narita

Great flight today on the expert server from Seoul Incheon to Tokyo Narita, utilizing the Korean Air A330-300. Had a bit of a rough approach (pilot’s fault) but then had a incredibly smooth landing to complete the trip.

Upon pulling up to the gate we encountered a spontaneous meetup with multiple airlines that served Narita. I didn’t look for who was there but comment if you see yourself! Thanks for sticking around — it was fun to have everyone at the gate like that!

Takeoff and landing shots

Parallel taxi upon arrival at Narita

Passenger view waiting to disembark at Narita, catching sight of the rare brand new Japan Airlines A350

At the gate

Let me know if you prefer the tails-only photo or the full aircraft photos below! I’m trying to figure out which style I like better! Hope you enjoy!


How long ago was this? It might have happened right after my NWA DC-10 departed because I remember seeing some JAL A350s and the China Eastern (or Southern or what ever other airlines start with “China”). My in game name was NWA-4-LIFE with a call sign of Northwest 9149.

About an hour or two ago on expert. Just as the ATC was finishing the session

I really like the tail views, the subjects take up a lot of the photo and it’s an aesthetically pleasing angle :)

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Looked like terminal is packed! 😁

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