Aircraft Movement Glitch - Expert Server

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With the changes recently made to the Expert Server, we’ve been tasked (I guess?) to help identify issues. Although I’ve only flown a few times since the upgrade, I’ve encountered a couple of issues. Most have already been reported, except one. Hence this topic. Novel concept, right?

Anywho, @Pingu and I flew EWR-BOS a short while ago. While filing our approach into Boston, we noticed a Boeing 757 moving a few inches on the map before defaulting to the position we first saw it. Not thinking much of it, we continued on. However, as we approached our destination, the same aircraft was stuck in the same repeating cycle of moving forward and jumping right back to where it started. This was apparent on both the mini-map and the larger map.

To aid in understanding the issue, I’ve attached a screen recording.

Device: iPad mini 5 (11,1)
OS: iOS 15.7
Infinite Flight Version: 22.8 (2548)

I know, I know. I’m still on iOS 15. Lol.

Thanks. Danke. Gracias.


I think the matrix is broken

Either that or @Yishai has some explaining to do.

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I’ve been having issues today with the app crashing and my accelerometer + yoke not working…

That’s a different issue entirely - I’d recommend making a new #support topic or looking for an existing one that addresses your problems.


Can you send me a replay @Z-Tube or @Pingu? I feel like this aircraft disconnected/had network issues, and it wasn’t removed correctly from the server - I’d like to look into it further.



someone might have found slew mode for infinite flight

We only noticed near the end of the flight, but he was moving like described for way longer.


😂😂😂😂😂😂 i just flew that last night i suspect its my device losing connection and reconnecting over and over nothing weird happened that flight admittedly the app did crash a bit before decent into heathrow but that was at the end of the flight.

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