Aircraft models

I want to buy an scale aircraft. Below 75$ is there anything?

What scale and brand is preferred? Personally, I like 1:400 Geminijets.


1:400 or 1:200. Any good brand. Heard Geminijets is good.


Yeah, Geminijets is really good. If you go on an Emirates flight or Emirates shop anytime soon, they have excellent 1:400 models. They even have gear tilt!


Gemijets 1:400 scale is cheaper than 1:200 scale. (1:200 is bigger)

So what livery and plane? I was thinking Vietnam 787-9

I have used sky marks before lovely planes and detail and most are under $30-$40 and most have wheels on them

I want to buy from Amazon. Just if you wanna know

May i ask why amazon. If you want use gas models as it shows a lot of planes from models companies

Also what material would you prefer them to be

I have 2 1/500 scale aircraft. I think the 1/500 scale is best if you want lots of aircraft because it is cheaper.

1:400 and 1:500 are very similar and price, but 1:400 is much better in quantity. GJ all the way.

*Truck Tilt :P

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