Aircraft Models

Hello IFC,

I’m looking to purchase one or two airplane models and was looking for your input on recommendations to certain models.
I’m looking for something that’s:

  • Easy to assemble (a few parts that your snap, slide or something to attach them together or pre-assembled)

  • Die-cast or Plastic

  • Has Landing Gear and it can have a stand too (I’ll make an exception if it’s a good deal)

  • Not too expensive

My budget is around $30-$55CAD

Mods, if this violates the IFC terms or something, feel free to close this topic.

Please feel free to comment down below the link associated with your recommendations.

UPDATE: Just purchased this: Airbus A350-900 House Colors


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This should be in #real-world-aviation but GeminiJets1:400 diecast models are pretty decent for their price ($20-40 USD) they do come with gears but aren’t snap fit and you’ll have to pay extra for a stand


Skymark models are good. They are 1:200 and all have a stand. Some have gear accept most don’t. If you want to make an airport, Gemini is your best bet.


Thanks for your input, I’ll look into that.

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Gemini Jets is probably the best but I can also recommend Herpa models and airport mats/buildings.


Thanks for all your help guys! Good to know that there are people like you guys out there in this av-geek world 😂

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Boohoo… I’m in Australia and Gemini Jets doesn’t ship their products here… I really want a Gemini Jets model plane… 🙁😢

You can always buy them on ebay.

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I recommend this one.

Delta 777-200LR 1:400 Scale Gemini Jets

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Yay! I can get one (I think)! 🤗

Hey @Trey_Pohe!

If you are in Australia and looking to purchase a Gemini Jets Model aircraft, I recommend looking at this website:

They have a wide variety of models made by not only Gemini Jets, but also Phoenix and Dragon Wings.


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Yay!!! This day just got better! Thanks @Kacey! Love from Sydney, Australia! 😃😘

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You can allways buy on ebay.

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