Aircraft Models


Hello IFC,

I’m looking to purchase one or two airplane models and was looking for your input on recommendations to certain models.
I’m looking for something that’s:

  • Easy to assemble (a few parts that your snap, slide or something to attach them together or pre-assembled)

  • Die-cast or Plastic

  • Has Landing Gear and it can have a stand too (I’ll make an exception if it’s a good deal)

  • Not too expensive

My budget is around $30-$55CAD

Mods, if this violates the IFC terms or something, feel free to close this topic.

Please feel free to comment down below the link associated with your recommendations.

UPDATE: Just purchased this: Airbus A350-900 House Colors



This should be in #real-world-aviation but GeminiJets1:400 diecast models are pretty decent for their price ($20-40 USD) they do come with gears but aren’t snap fit and you’ll have to pay extra for a stand


Skymark models are good. They are 1:200 and all have a stand. Some have gear accept most don’t. If you want to make an airport, Gemini is your best bet.


Thanks for your input, I’ll look into that.


Gemini Jets is probably the best but I can also recommend Herpa models and airport mats/buildings.


Thanks for all your help guys! Good to know that there are people like you guys out there in this av-geek world 😂

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Boohoo… I’m in Australia and Gemini Jets doesn’t ship their products here… I really want a Gemini Jets model plane… 🙁😢


You can always buy them on ebay.


I recommend this one.

Delta 777-200LR 1:400 Scale Gemini Jets


Yay! I can get one (I think)! 🤗


Hey @Trey_Pohe!

If you are in Australia and looking to purchase a Gemini Jets Model aircraft, I recommend looking at this website:

They have a wide variety of models made by not only Gemini Jets, but also Phoenix and Dragon Wings.



Yay!!! This day just got better! Thanks @AviationMad! Love from Sydney, Australia! 😃😘


You can allways buy on ebay.