Aircraft models on AliExpress

So, here is the deal; In Sweden there aren’t a lot of places where you can buy airplan models other than airports (I haven’t seen any on Swedish airports either tbh) so that is why I started looking at AliExpress.

After some quick searching I found some rather interesting and cool models:

Aeroflot A330
SAS A330
And many more…

What do you guys think the quality of those would be? Feedback seems very good at least…

Here is my search

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I would search on other places, Spruebrothers on the US or Aikens Airplanes, also in the US. The first one has a good collection of diecast models, and the second one has a large collection of diecast models.
AliExpress doesn´t give me much trust.

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@Samuel123abc have you tried Ebay? Whilst I haven’t ever used them, I would be uncomfortable buying from AliExpress. Has anybody here used them at all?

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I have bought from AliExpress before, a lot of things, so that’s no worries. It’s just the quality that I am kind of wondering about, although 10 dollars isn’t a lot…

@Sturmovik I live in Sweden so buying in the US is not an option unfortunately…

Yea, I’ll check eBay. I have bought there before yea.

Try then (the Netherlands, ) and Aviation Retail Direct (UK,
Shipping costs should be much lower.

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