Aircraft Model Scale

I’ve got a Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Premier Planes model that I purchased on a Philippine Airlines flight and I’m trying to figure out the scale for the model but I need some help!



Please help me, any info is much appreciated!

Thanks for your input, that’s what I thought but I thought it kinda seemed big for 1:400. Thanks for your help!

It’s most likely 1:250. I have a 1:200 77W and it is about 13.5 inches long.

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I believe it is something close to 1/250. It is too small for a 777 of 1/200 scale, as that is around 14 inches (length), but too big for a 1/400, which would probably be around 7. 1/250 would match up almost perfectly with your measurement of 11.5 inches in length.

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It is 1:250, I was able to find another aircraft made by the same model manufacturer.

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Perfect, thanks for your help!

A mod can close this now

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