Aircraft MMO issue

Hi there, and I am here to discuss an issue that has surprisingly gone unnoticed on the IFC. That is the speed limit, or MMO of the aircraft. Say, when I’m cruising an A350 at FL390, the MMO should be M. 89, which is correct as in real life.
However, when I’m flying an A330, while the real MMO should be. 86, the plane does NOT show an overspeed warning if I fly at. 87-89. One thing noted is the 747-400. The MMO is set as. 92, which is also correct. I think the problem is that the MMO is usually stuck at. 90 for most airliners.

Thanks for noting. I would appreciate if this would be fixed since it impacts the realism of IF.

Not a technical issue with the app and therefore moved out of #support

This is intentional for now and will be corrected when possible. Not all models have the same possibilities at this time.


May I know why it is intentional?

Intentional was perhaps poor choice of words.
It’s not an error, but neither is it something that we set specifically for the A330.

When MMO’s were added, a generic was used at first and some have since been individually adapted if/when possible.

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Yeah, like the 747-400. It’s 92 instead of 90.

The MMO for the 747-400 is .92.

I know. With the 748 it’s 90.

Which is also accurate…


Yes, but the 737 should be set to. 82.

Would be nice, and avoid 737 racing at .86… 😉

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Which reverts me back to my original statement.


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