Aircraft Lookup Table

Hi, I would like to answer the questions regarding aircraft category, callsign suffixes and landing speed.
The landing speed on this table is only a gross check, since its varies depending on landing weight, flap selection, airport conditions, etc.
Feel free to correct if there is inaccuracies.

Hope it helps!


737-700’s ICAO reference code is 73G.

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I’ll change it! Thank you

737-200 is wrong. I meant 717-200.Sorry for that.

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Thank-you 😎

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You are welcome sir! Hopefully it can help the nimrods who land with 180 kts and the usage of inapproriate callsign suffix.

Great, thank you. This is really useful.

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Yeah, is that true?

It was a typo.I meant 7000 feet.Thank you for the correction @Rotate

At MLW 386 Tons and 0 feet airport elevation, an A380-800 can land using around 7000 feet. I’ll change it.

@Aernout can you share you advice on this sir?

It hits the line well below 6600 feet :)


Man your pic gives me an uneasy feeling…

Also, I believe the 757 gets a heavy call sign due to the wake it creates.

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As far as I know, all aircraft capable of operating with a MTOW more than 300.000 lbs must use this “heavy” suffix. B757-200’s MTOW is 255.000 lbs and B757-300’s MTOW is 273.000 lbs (according to Boeing performance chart).
But I could be wrong.I’ve heard that 757 is a special case.Thanks for input anyway :)

I’ve found this related topic

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