Aircraft LOD

There is an error in the game ! See the bottom side of the aircraft and engine ! image


Please change this to #support. I believe your issue is a rendering problem. Maybe restart your game or change the graphics settings?

Hi there! Change this to Support for you.

Have you tried to Clear Scenery Cache?

The above graphic and other settings .

Please provide more detail so we can help. What is your device? What graphics settings have you set? Do you have anti-aliasing turned on? Does this same issue occur at different times of day inside Infinite Flight? An unrelated issue, but you are flying too fast.

This is not a bug. This a feature called LOD.
It’s implemented to improve performance by lowering the resolution of the aircraft when zoomed out a bit, hiding details that are not or barely necessary at that particular zoom level.


18:05 I wanted to know why the version that did not do so . Thnx .

Because the 737 weren’t updated with that feature then. This is something we started to implement on 18.3 and all the aircrafts that are updated or added from there on forward.

I have noticed an issue with what I think is LOD on in particular the Southwest Canyon Blue livery on the 737-800. The wheels are painted black in the centre, and when zoomed out enough below the aircraft the wheels go back to the normal silver colour.


Yes, we have that issue noted down :)


hi, can regulars change the category and title?

Yes we can

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Yes, I saw right know .

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Will we continue to play this way? Or the lesion improved? Have information about it ?

Some improvements might be made further down the road to perfect the technique. But for now, it’ll stay.

Thanks for the info , key issues . 👍🏿