Aircraft Load Calculator, other spreadsheet ideas?

I’m posting a lot today. This time, an aircraft load calculation tool, in case you want to create your own load scenarios. Input passengers, a percentage factor for bags (I’ve come to realize that at least on our Allegiant flights I work on as a ramper that 40-45 percent of passengers check bags, and that formula works almost EVERY time. It’s crazy.), and then input a number of load stations (more applicable to MSFS, so you can get a load figure to be evenly distributed across airplanes on THAT sim) for each area.

What other spreadsheets could I create for IF that might be useful to people? Any requests?


This is a great idea! Certainly post the link when you’re done! V-Speeds are hard but would be helpful, and could be easy if you got a real world pilot on board.

I wish. V-speeds are not so much math as they are company specs. Math is a little easier for me ;) V-speeds would require a database.

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Found this a little while ago. May help.

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Oh my that’s slick. Very impressive.

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The 45% of bags is interesting although I wonder if it is different on major carriers (Delta, American, etc.) Due to most of those having a free checked bag. I believe that Allegiant charges for their checked bags correct?

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i often think about that myself. Yes, that’s correct. At $50/checked bag AND carry on item, I’m assuming that the loads are way less than on other carriers.

Had a conversation with one of the station mechanics about this. It sounds like a terrible deal but the business model is actually really smart: deters people from bringing more than they need = lighter load factor = lower fuel burn, ALSO, passengers are able to save on their overall flight ticket, whereas on other airlines, you’re paying that extra cash whether you check a bag or not. Of course, no one ever considered that though. ;)

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Our A320s average 60 bags a flight or so. They definitely could hold way more. The sections forward of the barrier nets are often completely empty, with the exception of comat and gate checks in the middle of the aft hold

Even better:

Created a random number generator for pax and bags percentage load factor (40%-80%). The pax load generator is easy to edit but the baggage load factor generator is a bit more tricky. Additionally, providing the start to an aircraft list with basic operable empty weight. Going to send this out to the community to crowdsource the BOEW for each plane in IF as they fly it. That is probably the easiest route to take :)

At the bottom, all one needs to do is add the total load to the BOEW and boom, ZFW. Add this to simbrief and boom. No need to make a silly aircraft profile on simbrief lol. Plus, this sheet looks cool. Admit it. 😂

This is essentially a passenger manifest, honestly. Lol

Edit: not quite lol.

Anyone want to come up with a passenger list name generator? That would be awesome 😂


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