Aircraft Livery ‘Overhaul’?


This is more of a request rather than a feature, in that I feel with IF now being a GLOBAL flight simulator your possibilities are endless with the ability to fly anywhere in the world! BUT, you can’t always fly with the livery you want, in the sense that there are some liveries that are really missing from IF. Especially now that regions aren’t a thing. With endless examples like the 737-800 Qantas which is greatly requested.

I would love to see this change! After the CRJ Overhaul is finished and rolled out working fine. I would like for there to be an update where the devs refine the current liveries available in IF adding some of the most requested liveries in the IFC before taking on another big project.

Plz let me know on your thoughts and if you think it’s a good idea!

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They will get to them eventually… :)

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As we saw with the MD/DC Update… FDS will add random liveries within other updates.

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I would rather see this, than any other Rework or New Aircraft

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I get that but I’m suggesting for there to be a whole update designated for adding all the livery requests that people want as a minor update before taking on another huge project and instead of seeing two or three liveries added with each update along side the main update.

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Yah maybe only 3 or 4. With this it would most likely be atleast 30 or 40

FDS will get there eventually. All you have to do is wait. It may not be fun, but you have to do it. They can’t do everything at once.

Good Day, SouthernDude

I’m thinking maybe adding 15-20 most popular liveries as a quick update that I think wouldn’t require too much hassle as the plane models are already there and just new a few new liveries. This would hopefully satisfy that desire for more liveries and then devs could go back and focus on greater updates.

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Right now, Infinite Flight is like the most realistic flight simulator on mobile. But compared to the ones on PC, it is not as realistic The developers are shooting for realism right now and are working on adding more realism at the moment. I feel like they are trying to achieve ultimate realism (like taxiway lights) and working with liveries along the way, like the DC-10.


I understand, I just thought it would be nice to fill that liveries gap in a quick update before taking on another long and time consuming job making IF even more realistic than it already is because I think it’s amazing how it is and for a mobile sim doesn’t need more improving on the realism side (personally)

Adding all the other subsidiary liveries, in my opinion would take a little longer but enough arguing for me , goodluck on the request! I would like to see other liveries sooner or later

I definitely agree with this! It would also add a lot of realism and it shouldn’t take a big amount of time. Some of them can even be adjusted from other planes, therefore it wouldn’t take a lot of time.

Adding ALL defineatly would but adding some of the most requested I don’t feel would be to long a job. Again because the plane models are already there.