Aircraft liveries

I will get depressed if I don’t get a solution to my suffering.

All the answers were not convincing, and so far I have not found a satisfactory answer.

I have a problem with the internet quality in my area. When I tried to download an airplane livery, I have to wait for a long period of more than half an hour until the livery is downloaded (and sometimes I get disappointed)

When an aircraft livery downloaded, it is stored in the device, so that when used again, it can be loaded quickly

Based on what you’re describing, this sounds more like an internet issue then something on IF’s end.


This is exactly what happens.
That’s why, when you have spawned in all 960 of them, the app takes up a lot more space than right after installing it.

Unless a livery is changed, or you’ve deleted the app, a livery doesn’t have to be redownloaded once it has been used.


I do not blame the company. The content of the topic was that downloading the livery is stored in the device. If the game is erased, there must be an easy way to download all previous liveries.

The most simple solution is to not delete the app. :)

If what you’re describing is true, downloading all previous liveries would take days.
Only downloading a livery when it’s needed is a much more efficient way of bandwidth usage.


If so, then there is a space in which the aircraft liveries are stored, then there is a method that has not already been determined to load the liveries.

Of course there is a specific location where all liveries are stored.
It’s somewhere behind the scenes, in the app’s file structure.

When you delete the app, everything gets deleted, including the liveries.

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It’s somewhere behind the scenes, in the app’s file structure.

That is what I want to aim for.

It’s not possible to save specific files of an app when it is deleted.
“Behind the scenes” means that you can’t go into the app’s folders.
It’s prohibited by the OS.

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