Aircraft/liveries will not download automatically

Ever since the new update, I’ve had an issue that no one else seems to have. All of my aircraft/liveries will not automatically download. It only downloads when I start a flight with it. This means that the few aircraft that I’ve flown since the update are visible in live, but nothing else. There is even a message saying that “Livery will download when flight starts”. When I have flown a praticular aircraft/livery, it will have a checkmark on the list as being downloaded. Obviously I don’t want to start a flight with EVERY single aircraft/livery in infinite flight just to download it. Is there a setting that I’m missing? I have an android galaxy note 9 with high graphics and airplane count to maximum and I use wifi or cellular data depending on where I am.

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The livery will be downloaded as and when you start a flight with it. The downloading system has been changed in the latest update to save device storage :)

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. IF have changed it so that the app doesn’t take up as much storage. It’s already over 5gb! They’ll be downloaded when you select them to fly.

Happy flying!

Makes sense. Thanks everybody


I believe the aircraft are streamed or something aswell so unlike previously you don’t need to have the aircraft/livery installed to see it clearly. Happy Landings :)