Aircraft Limit Information Button

Hello IFC Members. 👋

What exactly is this feature?

It is basically a button that could be located where you have the weather, weight and ba. and on it shows the Paricular aircraft that you are flying ex. The Max speed, altitude , range etc.

Why do I want this in IF?

I know it may sound a little pointless but I think it would be a cool feature to add for those who wanna be realistic it could replace the “ 20 seconds ago” button which is basically no good to us in Multiplayer. I know you can basically go online and see and if I’m thinking right there is a database aswell but i think this would be a more handier and tidier way if it was already implemented into the app already. It would also be good for the people who only have one device as sometimes you could go out of the app and then the app could crash for people with older devices.

Please let me know what you think below and make sure to vote if you want this added to IF in the future.

This would be a great feature. On Microsoft flight simulator 2004 (the last flight sim I played), aircraft information was available now the screen where you choose an aircraft.

Would be very useful for information such as service ceiling, range, cruise Mach, ect.

Definitely need this as I see way to many people cruising at 570kts in a crj 200 at fl410. 🤣


Yep that what it basically is I saw someone the other day at nearly 470kts in a Dash 8 (including tailwind)


I can relate… I see wayy too many people doing Mach 0.83 at FL280 with the 737-700! (Cruise is Mach 0.78 and Max is Mach 0.82, height should be around FL340-360 with a service ceiling of FL400) Other than that, the “Aircraft Information” button could include MTOW, MLW, required runway length, V1, VR, V2, and much more!

This has definitely earned my vote!


This would be really helpful. I just finish a GA record for the second longest confirmed GA flight in IF in the C750, and I had to turn to my computer to many times for altitude and airspeed limitations. Turns out the CCX can crank it up to FL470 in 24 minutes with a max altitude of FL510 so that’s cool…

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You have my vote! I think this would serve a very useful purpose.


You have my vote! This is great!


This would be so helpful! Cleared out a vote


I agree, vote from me!


Going to give this a wee bump, nice handy feature that would help alot in people trying to be realistic with speeds, ceiling etc.