Aircraft lights

Hello there, I know that IF team is working hard on project Metal that will allow them to create effects that are more realistic…one of the first things I personally want to see after development of Metal code is the effective lighting

Because right now doing a night flight even at full brightness is almost impossible because no aircraft lights help make the aircraft visible and navigation lights are hardly visible…I can’t even guess that on what part of airplane my camera is facing during night flight…it seriously sucks right now !! Fog and clouds are secondary things first what I want is better visibility of runway and vicinity by aircraft lights…that’s an utmost priority of any aviator !!


Yes this by far the most under developed aspect of IF. We are desperate for realistic lights.


That’s what I’m saying !!

Definitely agreed !! It’s a paid app with a subscription and we can’t even properly perform
night fights even after 10 years of development!! No offence but these things are basic that even a cheap free flight simulator offers…


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