Aircraft Lights

There has been some misconceptions about aircraft lights and when to turn each one on, so I’m gonna clear that up
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ AT THE TERMINAL- Seatbelt, smoking and Beacon lights must be on. NAV lights off
HOLDING SHORT OF RUNWAY- Landing And Strobe lights on.
CRUISE ALTITUDE- Landing and seatbelt lights go off.
APPROACH- Landing lights and seatbelt sign go on
LANDING- All lights must be on
AFTER LANDING- Landing and strobe lights off
PARKED AT GATE- Only beacon and No Smoking lights remain on.

I hope this helped. If you still have issues search up the Infinite Flight Checklist


Thank for clearing up any confusion!

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Great, thank you for posting this. I have a few improvements though :)

  1. Nav lights are turned on before pushback.

  2. Landing lights and seatbelts get turned off at 10,000ft above airport altitude, andnot when reaching cruise level (unless its really windy in which case the seatbelt sign stays on)

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Nice addition

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As far as the sim goes, it’s standard practice to turn landing lights on when taxiing, since the game couples both light systems.

Also, technically, wingtip strobes are part of the anti-collision system (same as the beacon) and are thus, technically, to be used at all times during operation. That being said, realistically they are used from the hold short line to 10,000 ft and from 10,000 ft to exiting the runway.


Strobes are on all the time once you enter the runway and only turned off when you vacate after landing. You certainly do not turn them off above 10,000.


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If you say so. 🙂 I personally leave them on all the time in the sim, anyways, but I’m just saying what I’ve heard from real world pilots.

Real world pilots really do not turn strobes off above 10,000. I think you are getting them confused with landing lights.

It would be nice to know where some of you get your information from because its hard when everyone is saying different things.

Numerous FCOMs and flying with real world qualified commercial pilots.

Nope, definitely not confusing them. The main issue is that there is no definitive rule regarding when you do and don’t use them.

Another note, NAV lights are only required to be used between sunset and sunrise.

Find an airline and show some SOPs which say turn them off over 10,000 please.

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I don’t believe it, source please?

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For what? The sunset to sunrise thing?