Aircraft lights overwork

First of all I want to say, that there were already many requests for this rework and I want to bundle up those ideas and make this request more serious.
In my opinion IF is a very realistic sim on the mobile platform and has no competitors in its range. Especially the small and fine details make this game so admireble. So why not to focus on that things in the development?
One of those are the aircraft lights. I know, not many people mention these.
Yes, they are alright and do their job, but they aren’t realistic.
Look, there isn’t attention to detail, what I and hopefully you so love.
For example:
A320 Lights scheme:
Strobe (2x in a row)Beacon(1x)Strobe (2x in a row)
B777 LS:
Strobe (1x short)Beacon(1x short)Strobe (1x short)
Those schemes variate by manufacturer (Airbus has 2x strobes, whereas Boeing has 1x strobe) or are also aircraft specific, like on 787 (Strobe 1x longbeacon 1x long), what is already featured in IF.
Currently all aircraft in IF follow this scheme:
Strobe (2x in row)…Strobe (2x in row) and Beacon (1x)Strobe (2x in row)
This looks a bit awkward, because no aircraft does signal out strobes and beacons simultaneously.
I would wish a rework for that, because it isn’t a big thing to do, I guess, but does a big impact for the realism in the sim. To help your imagination I got these examples from YouTube:
A320 lights:

B777 lights:

Well and then compare these with those in IF and see the differece.

Next time you don’t need to type any more after this 😉