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I’ve seen the Infinite Flight YouTube video about aircraft lighting, but that only covers a few things. The main thing I want to know is what do you do with landing lights and strobe lights when crossing a runway, and when back taxiing.

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Check out this tutorial made by Mark.

Landing Lights & Strobes

For the future, check #tutorials if you need any help regarding Infinite Flight.


The tutorial link you sent is the vidio that I’ve watched that I was talking about. I’ve searched the tutorials category and found nothing on the things that I want to know.


then what else do you want to know…? Mark basically covered everything in that video.

What to do when crossing a runway, and when back-taxiing

Turn on strobe and landing lights anytime you are crossing or back taxiing on a runway. The point is to make you as visible as possible while occupying a runway. Turn them off when you’ve cleared the runway (entire aircraft on the other side of the hold line).

One exception to turning on the strobes when occupying a runway is when you are told to line up and wait. In this case landing lights only and then strobes once cleared for takeoff.


When crossing the Runway you should turn your

Landing Lights on when crossed the Hold Short Line.
Strobes when you entered the runway.

For back taxing, do what you did for Crossing the Runway, but this time keep them on since your gonna be on the runway full time.

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Ok, thank you very much. Would you then turn your stone lights off when you line up and wait after a back-taxi?

If you never vacate the runway, no (this includes turn around pads). There are some airports that have a taxiway off of the runway for turning around. I think London City is one? In that case, yes, unless you’ve been cleared for takeoff then you keep them on anyway.

Ok. Your answers have been most useful. Thank you very much.

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When crossing a runway, only use strobes until your off the runway. Only turn on landing lights when cleared for departure by ATC.

Uhm… no. That’s would be incorrect.

No, that’s definitely wrong. It says the opposite in Mark’s video

This is very helpful thanks

Yea said it backward no need to make me feel like I know nothing.

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