Aircraft Lights during Replay

I have this issue where every time I fly, the replay only shows the lights that are displayed when you stopped.

For example, I have the landing and strobes on during landing, but when I taxi off the runway I turn those off as I should and then park and watch the replay. What happens is that in the replay while I’m landing, the strobes and landing lights are off.
I thought this was an issue with the aircraft or that it would be fixed in the update, but when I bought the new 787-9 it still wasn’t fixed so I thought I would put it here.

Anyone encounter this problem?

Hope the devs can fix this soon :)

Hi, this seems to be a very minor issue, so it most likely won 't be fixed in the next update as the devs are working really hard on global flight. Why dont you watch your replay as soon as touch down and then turn your lights off and taxi to parking?

Hi. Yeah I actually turn on the strobes an landings once I’m parked just to see the replay but I just wanted to put it out there as it seems it would be pretty easy to fix since it’s a minor issue and I also wanted to see if this happens to other people as well.

Alright, I’m not so sure if it happens to others as I haven’t paid attention to it myself. But good work noticing it :)

Every problem whether big or small makes a difference!

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Nice reporting this…this days i usually don’t turn them off if i want to replay them!it has been like this for as much as i can recall !

Actually this happen to me too.

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