Aircraft Landing Speeds

Good day everyone. Here are some landing speeds that I have based on personal experience with over 500 landings. Uncertainty should be about ± 5knts. Note not all aircraft are in are on this list. If your aircraft is not on here its family should be on it and you can use that.

Aircraft Landing Speed (VRef)
A320 133 knts
A321 140 knts
A330 138 knts
A340 138 knts
A350 136 knts
A380 132 knts
B737 140 knts
B747 138 knts
B767 140 knts
B777 135 knts
B787 134 knts
CRJ900 126 knts
Cessna 172 64 knts
Embraer 190 115 knts
MD11 142 knts

Good work! Unfortunately I have already created a topic about all aircraft Takeoff and Landing Speeds that I could link below. I am also creating a new topic that includes more information that I am hoping to release it soon!

@Casp959er73 I will try them out too so I could make some adjustments in the process.


Good job on them although there is another topic many people do like knowing these important aspects of Landing and it’s always good to know the IAS we should be landing at.

Nice job with the topic I hope next time you make one there won’t be a duplicate topic :)

Safe Flying

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congratulations for the initiative. I have been looking for the V1 Vr V2 speed of the A350-900 aernovave. such information would be welcome.
thank you!!!

You should use the IFAssistant app. You can generate V1 Vr and V2 speeds based on aircraft weight and flaps. It will also call it out real copilot would

great app and love to use. the problem came from him, as well as in the simbrief that point out errors about inaccuracy about v1 vr v2. so I tried to find out.
thanks for the tip.

Thank you!!! I really needed to know about this information. 🙌🏻

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