Aircraft Landing Speeds - IF - (50% Load)

Having the same speed for the A340-600 as the A321 does not seem to make sense…

You can land faster than this and it will still be smooth…

I landed the A340 at 129kts…

Is it just me or do a330 pilots always hold a wheelie on touchdown?

I try to hold the nose a bit in the air, to smooth the front landing gear landings.

Yeah, they do, but thats the nature of the 330

Dont forget to add 5 knots to your final appraoch speed if your flying boeing im jot sure about airbus.


Is it possible for a mod to make the first post a wiki? Thanks :)

That would be called a flare.

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Landing speed for a 777, both 200 and 300, is 135 knots.

Is the Boeing 737-800 landing Speed from 40 Knots to 50 Knots?
And i wondering about what the Landing Speed is for the 787-9?

I have remade this topic before when seeing this. Which is also in addition to the Takeoff speeds. This thread is also a little outdated. Looks like not all of this is done. :/

New updated thread made here: 👇

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I found that Topic for 30 minutes ago, anyway thanks for helping.

The key is wind speeds. Need to be watching ground speed so it may seem like you are flying faster, but actual will factor head wind. May know this, but some may not, but its very important if trying to stay consistent on landings

Are you sure that A388 will not stall at 140kts?
Because I always get smooth landing at 155kts and below that will stall (even if the flaps are full)

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