Aircraft Landing Light Procedure

Hey, y’all. I was wondering if I could please have the rules for aircraft landing lights explained? For example, after takeoff, do you wait until 10,000 feet to turn them off? Also, when descending, do you turn them on as soon as you descend past 10,000 feet, or as soon as you turn final? Thanks.

Landing lights are supposed to be used when on the runway and under 10k ft. Now when descending pilots may turn them on a little earlier due to conditions. I find when it’s dark they turn them on more earlier. Don’t ever use them on the taxiway though.


Ok, strobe and landing lights should always be on when your under 10,000 feet except taxi and strobe when crossing a runway.

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Strobes is yes no. They are anti collision lights alongside the beacon light. They can be on the entirety of the flight or off because of the beacon light. Generally, you should use them your entire flight.

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If the aircraft does not have a beacon light then strobes should be used in place of that, for example, the TBM


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