Aircraft landing call outs

If it was possible to add more callouts for takeoff and landing like if you were in a light aircraft and you don’t really takeoff from the threshold you could request a intersection departure and on landing if you miss the turnoff point or if your too fast to stop to turn you can request landing long or if you miss the touchdown zone.

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  1. You can just request departure from anywhere as long as it’s not ATIS restricted.

  2. You can exit from anywhere.

Not sure what purpose this would serve.

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It’s a scenario IRL like if your at Burbank and your in a light aircraft like a SR-22 if you don’t need to taxi all the way to the end of the runway to takeoff you can request for a intersection departure and also if you are landing little too fast you can tell the tower that you are landing long that means that you are using the entire length of the runway to slow down. And some light jets don’t have reverse thrust

I believe what Andrew is referring to above is that any aircraft can use any intersection that the pilot themselves choses to use for departure as long as the “no intersection departures” remark isn’t present in the controllers ATIS.

In regards to landing, controllers understand that different sized aircraft take less time or more time to slow down therefore the pilot can also decide which runway exit to take once they have reached a reasonable speed to turn off the runway in a safe manner.


I know you can departing from a Echo airfields but I’m not sure about Bravo airports but it also understand that it matters on what your aircraft capabilities are and it’s more dangerous but if your in a hurry to get out of that airport like for extrema weather you can do that.

I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to say but the bottom line is that this feature is already indirectly implemented in the game. It would be unnecessary to call an intersection departure because you can just go to the intersection and call departure.

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I’m saying that you can takeoff from the mid section of the runway that’s not at the beginning of the runway but I’m saying it would be a callout option for what your going to do because it’s your responsibility as the pilot to let everyone know what your intentions are so that other pilots now where you are especially if your at a controlled airport.

As @AndrewWu said, you can already do that just as long as it’s not restricted

Yes, but unless there is an aircraft at the vet end of the runway there is no need for this command as the “takeoff” command on Unicom is enough already.

Well in a controlled airport there is ATC which already knows where you are because your plane flashes on call. The only people who need to know where you are are the people taxiing but 1. even if you specified which intersection they’d still have to look at the map because people don’t have every intersection memorized and 2. they’re going so slow that you’re not going to collide anyways. The only situation is if someone is landing and you’re waiting at an intersection and they turn into you but that once again comes down to they’d have to check the map anyways. I’m sorry but I don’t see a single use case.

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