Aircraft Labeling

Since this forum is about issues with IF, I guess I have one (somewhat minor) issue.

Some aircraft are labeled oddly/incorrectly.

Embraer ERJ-170 is the E-170
Embraer ERJ-175 is the E-175
Embraer ERJ-190 is the E-190
Embraer ERJ-195 is the E-195
Boeing 777-200F is the Boeing 777F

If it is possible, could the Boeing 767-300 be split down into the -300ER and -300 depending on the livery? Other planes such as 777-200/-200ER/-200LR, -300/-300ER, Boeing 747-8/-8F, Boeing 757-200/-200F, etc.

The last request would be harder for you because it involves splitting up the pricing, etc. I wouldn’t expect this last one to happen at all. Just a thought though.

Thanks for reading.

Best, Boeing707


Thank you for the heads up. Separating existing content isn’t feasible. It would require seperate purchases which would not be fair. They will have to remain the way they are.

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