Aircraft keeps turning left on final

I am using Iphone XS MAX iOS 15.5 my plane keeps turning left by force on final when i off the AP and the weather is calm, i tried another airport but the same thing happend

Have you calibrated?

you mean befor o off the AP?

Yes, it is recommended that you always calibrate before dis-arming the autopilot as not doing so can lead to this occurring on finals. Did you calibrate before dis-arming the autopilot?

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No i did not, but such things has never happend to me i have been in Infinite flight since 2017 i

Then that is most likely the cause. You need to always calibrate as your device can move thus changing the way the phone receives inputs even if you don’t move it is good practice to always calibrate. The cause of this was probably you not calibrating your device before landing.

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Ok then thanks for the help!

No problem! Enjoy your future flights :)

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