Aircraft jumps and crashes when spawning

iPad 5

Upon spawning and exiting the “touch screen to calibrate” the aircraft immediately begins shaking violently and bounces up in the air before falling back to the ground, which usually results in a “crash.” This happened to me on solo mode and online. I tried to restart the app and re-spawn at different gates and in different aircraft to no avail.

Supporting Apps:
In Flight assistant latest version is running in the background.


What airport did you spawn in?

It’s high winds right now, they are reaching 174 kts!

This was me as soon as I spawned in

St Kitts. Apparently that’s the issue. I see now the winds are gusting @175kts. Not sure if that’s accurate but any plane that spawns there is being tossed around.

Does a crash cause a violation?

It’s probably due to the strong winds. I saw some videos when the plane just hovers in the air and doing multiple ballerina spins or jumping up and down.

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Nope, I didn’t get any violation.

Maybe this video could refer to what your saying: - YouTube @ODW

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It just tossed my fully loaded A330 inverted

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The iPad Air is not known as the iPad 5. The iPads 1-4 are known by numbers then it goes to the air’s and pro’s


You should spawn in a Cessna and see what happens. Lol.

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Just fixed itself. :( That was fun while it lasted.


I did. It tossed me over the mountain, into the water, crash. Respawn, flipped me over on the ground, gave me a speed warning for flying 250 kts under 10,000. 266kts air speed, zerokts ground speed.


Hahahaha, Now that would be really funny to watch!


Is it the Hawaiian region?

No, it was in the Caribbean region. I believe it was during a hurricane in real life.

Do you mean the iPad Air 1?

@Aussie_Wombat I have the IPad Air 2, but when I took a screen shot the system settings display inside IF it said “IPad 5.”

This must be fixed anyway. There is no plane in real life that spins and rolls like that in the air with bad weather. Unless the 172…

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Huh, that’s weird… the iPad Air was the iPad 5 and the iPad Air 2 was the 6…

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