Aircraft jolting?

I’m guessing maybe the issue happens just after the above. Because:

seems to imply Kinyumu is holding rudder correctly opposite the wind direction, but that the nose wheel contact occurs while still holding the rudder in that direction(?), rather than straightening it out.

OP said as soon as the mains touch, I’m wondering if there’s still lateral velocity on touchdown. You can notice this on takeoff too with some light airliners where in order to keep centerline the side the wind is hitting will drop like a car going through a hard turn.

That’s definitely the issue to clarify. I’m now not sure if the following means upwind or downwind:

Downwind of course suggests

Upwind suggests rudder correction not released (when nose makes contact)

Because you’re trying to turn back to the centerline after being blown to the downwind side of the runway or something? Standard practice is to purposefully apply ailerons in that direction, which that kind of contradicts.

you don’t want to use rudder while on final, only when over the threshold and you are about to touch main wheels, you would then correct towards the runway as the main gear touches.

Unless you’re using a side slip rather than crab angle.

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correct, i’m talking about crabbing rn lol


Crabbing is uncomfortable for passengers as the plane is sideways a better option is a side slip or a s turnemphasized text

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I thought so too but AI is telling me passengers don’t like the bank held during crab (I’m not necessarily buying that - AI is also telling me it is thrust that offsets the crosswind in a crab which is nonsense). Either way you have a bank or else a yaw angle.


Btw @Kinyumu Feel free to share an example flight, as that’s often the best way to get a faster reliable answer to these kinds of questions:

emphasized text, but yea i get your point there lol

I assume OP isn’t doing that lol

Crosswinds and you are probably touching down way too fast.