"Aircraft is too large"

I was at PANC just now in a 748; I had filed a flight plan, got my flight ready perfectly, but then, when I tuned into PANC Ground, I got the message, “Aircraft is too large for this airport”. Which sucks, because PANC is a 747 hub! Could someone please tell me why I was given this message. Thanks.


Which server was this on?

If expert, try and contact your controller

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Hi there! If this was the Expert Server:

If you can remember the name of your controller (or take a look in your replay) you should be able to find their account here, and send them a message regarding your experience.

If you’d prefer to talk indirectly to the controller you can contact @appeals for a response from an ATC Expert.


Odd… the airport can handle up to the AN-225…


OK, thanks guys! I just decided to start my flight again without worrying about it - I understand it was probably just a mistake.

I strongly suggest you to contract your controller. It is the best way to solve this problem

i don’t actually know how to find out who the controller was, as PANC is now closed

The controller was @Divyansh_Tandon, I can set up a message if you’d like.

no thanks! I already sent one