Aircraft is not in my frequency

Hello y‘all,
I really it like to be ATC on the Training server. Normally everything works normally, but since the 20.1 Update got released I usually have the problem, that an aircraft is in the Tower frequency for example, but it doesn‘t show me. So when the aircraft ask for take off clearence, I can‘t give it him. I had this problem a few times. Can anyone help me with that problem or do you have the same problem? Thanks for your replies:)


Happened to me as well. I was doing Ground + Tower at RJTT, and I told one aircraft to contact Tower. He requested take off but his message did not show up on Tower, but he instead showed up on Ground. I tried leaving the frequency and coming back but doesnt work. Maybe that person hasn’t updated yet? I need help too

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They would of have had to update infinite flight otherwise they wouldn’t be able to join seeing as it is out of date the ATC thing must be a bug so it is best to go and tell the support staff to inform them.


For the time being, this is a known issue. A fix is on the way…

This means the user hasn’t updated to 20.1 yet.


Thanks for helping:)

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I see. Thank you for helping us!

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@dominik.krh have you rebooted your device?
Are you on 20.1?
Does it happen with every session?

To let you know to go onto infinite flight you have to be up to date if not you won’t be able to join

Yes, I am on 20.1 since day one;)
I reboot my device regulary. It depends on how long I am in the session. It happens after under/over 30min in the most cases.

Had this issue today.

Couple of aircraft couldn’t contact me.

It could be because the aircraft is on 19.4, as mentioned above.

To check if they are indeed on 19.4, see if their IAS is 0 even if they are moving.

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