Aircraft invisible in expert server

Today I was flying in expert server at YSSY and it was a busy airport. Just before landing, when I was at about 700ft I saw some aircrafts on ground waiting to takeoff. But seconds later they are all gone and they never appear again, though it shows my connections are perfect. When I am taxiing the ATC told me to give way to other aircraft. I’m afraid to get ghosting because of taxiing through other aircraft so I went offline. I’m sure it’s not because of I didn’t download these aircraft models.

What is your airplane count on?
Try setting it to high. But it’s not recommend having it on high at the moment because of an increased crash rate on IOS due to a memory leak. If you’re on cellular data, make sure the download aircraft over data box is also ticked.

Thank you, but I’ve already set them accordingly beforehand.

Were the aircraft visible on the map?

yes,but I can’t always look at my map while taxiing

if you see a white square with a name above: means it’s an airplane. And you can always check your map unless you’re zooming to taxi. Considering it’s in the bottom left corner.

yes I know that, but I want to close that to make it real

Well what is more real. Just ending a flight, or using a map, which aircraft have. In a sense.

I run mine on “Very High”

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