Aircraft interior textures

on IF it’s true that we work really well on the exterior textures of the planes and also on the cockpits and instruments for the captains and co-pilots but have the passengers thought of our dear faithful friends? give them tastes to board with us and their comfort during the flight?

Do you think it is possible to work on the interior textures of planes?

What do you think ?




Hey @le_mimik, a lot of these aircraft you’re showing hasn’t been reworked in a while. Most of the newer aircraft in the simulator have interiors modeled.

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Hey! The A359 doesn’t have any interior textures because that was before they started doing it. The A333, A339 and the B777 series have some textures, but not fully. This is due to the fact that having 400 seats in a plane can really make the game harder to run, and it’s especially not worth doing that whenever the seats have no meaning to the actual gameplay.


They’re all recently reworked. It’s just due to device limitations they aren’t fully textured.


@Pilot_InfiniteFlight ok I understand and yes 400 seats is a lot but give 2 or 3 rows of seats like the a330 Would it be possible? just give a little life inside

The 777’s first part of the cabin is completely filled with seats…

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In the end, it’s not the biggest deal in the world. The devs are unlikely to change this because it’s not a priority. They have some seats but it can’t be filled completely.


Personal opinion but we don’t even really need interiors! I think there only should be windows for wing views and thats it… the rest is a waste of polygons! Reduce the amount of lag.

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thank you for your opinions I wanted to have answers

We’ve provided answers, not opinions. What else do you want us to tell you?

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sorry @Pilot_InfiniteFlight I expressed myself badly I wanted to thank you for your feedback

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Like what was said in the preview stream:

IF is a flight simulator, not a passenger simulator. :)

Interiors take time, use performance and cost money.

All of those would be better spent on other things to make the flight experience even better.

But something else that was said in the stream is that the new engine will make it possible to reuse certain elements more easily, which creates more options.
So who knows what the future will bring! :)