Aircraft in other regions

I just got the A320 and decided to take it for a spin at EGMC (London Southend) when I saw a load of planes on the map, far off to the East. I believe that this is the Amsterdam region, which is very close to London. The Amsterdam region had a lot of ATC at the time so that’s why the number of airplanes are high.

Please disregard the person in the top left, I clicked on him by accident and he has had nothing to do with this/me/rule breaking.

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Yes. They are in Amsterdam region - We have/had full services today!

The Server supports inter-region flights but not the app
By Matt
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The map is a world map, but if you fly over there you will only see other planes, no region textures or airports. And ATC will probably ghost you on the advanced server.


I hope someday that lindon amaterdam and paris are connected


Well, just a little bit of Paris is kinda connected. There is one airport in France in the Amsterdam region. But in that regions there’s also Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark (I think it’s Denmark)

i hope we can fly between regions!!