Aircraft in online mode

In online game shows only my plane and not other aircrafts any help?

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Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Best way to check is the little dot in the top right hand corner. All indicators should be green.

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If you are on live server, check your settings (Live) and deactivate the hide airplane dots.

Also are there other aircrafts on the map?

Already done it

Ok, are you on mobile data?

Are aircrafts displayed on the map?

Im wi-fi amd yeas they show white ring with altitude and speed

Just to clarify. You are on the ground and see no other aircraft nor white patterns (of other aircrafts) even-though their are aircrafts displayed on the map at your airport?

Ofcourse, and same broblem is also if im ATC.

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Ok, I understood your issue know.
As you already checked your Live Settings I can only recommend an app restart and tag @schyllberg in for better support.

Good luck with your issue!

Ok thanks still :)

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No problem, good luck!

The servers are having issues as Seb said.

In addition, set airplane count to very high

@Elias_Elfvengren - what is your airplane count in Settings → Live?

My airplane count is Very-high

WiFi our cellular data. I have my airplane count on very high but it usually won’t load on cellular. Just to clarify are you at least seeing the white squares on the screen?

Yes only with squares and altitude and speed

WiFi our cellular?

I cellular data

Ok. In your location is it very populated or are you very far from cell towers