Aircraft ideas pls

hi folks.

i’m looking to fly a plane that is:

  1. fast
  2. has autopilot
  3. small and not as big as an a380
  4. practical

any suggestions?

A jet such as the F16 I believe it’s called? lol

i’ve tried fighter jets, they r too fast and impractical lol

i just want something to cruise around in

Cessna Citation X is small and can fly really high

B757 is fast, easy to handle, butters and has auto pilot (APPR)

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Yes it is, unless your really bad at landing it. People have bad landings with it because their being too rough on the controls.

maybe some GA related so i can land it in bush strips

Maybe the 767? Well, it depends on where your flying.

I don’t even mean the landing but anyways

C208 for sure.

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omg yes. now that’s a plan

ok mods can close now tyyyggg

Proud photoshop moment.