Aircraft icon on map of 777 and 787 has 4 engines

It’s not that important really, but I noticed that the aircraft icon on the map when flying a 777 or 787 has 4 engines. I guess the wrong icon has been selected to depict those two aircraft.


The 777 icon is correct since it is a class “heavy” aircraft. The 787 is incorrect though. I don’t really notice the 787 icon shape because people rarely fly it. Good catch!

Yes the 787 was added a really long time ago, so when it gets redone, it might be fixed.

I got used to the extra icons of FlightRadar24.
Didn’t know “heavy” aircraft were always depicted with 4 engines.

They aren’t in flightradar24 and it is not a general rule that I am aware of.

It’d be cool to have the same icons (or similar) to flightradar.

Antonov An-224 has 6 engines 😀. Now that’s heavy…

No, it’s a Super in the US

Actually, it’s AN-225 Mriya (Dream). NATO Callsign: Cossack
Maybe you said about AN-124 Ruslan, but it’s 4-engine plane!
Also I want to say that these planes are not Russian. They were produced in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Only some of AN-124s were made in Samara (Russia)

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Did anyone else notice there are two types of “non heavies”? And the 757 should be a heavy, and well as 767. The 757 was given the name heavy in 2003.

Actually, the 787 is a heavy so it is supposed to have a heavy icon.

The new 787 has the two engine logo. But I’m still devastated from the 777

Again??? What is the need


The icons doesn’t really represent the plane, but the wake turbulence class.