Aircraft Hates To Climb

I keep having issues with the 747-8 when flying from Anchorage to New York City. When I take off the plane climbs out at 3000 feet just fine until I get to 10,000 feet. Then the speed starts to drop out and the wings start to rock and the plane will not climb at anything above 600 feet per minute without stalling. What is going on?

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Welcome to the community, i don’t believe this should be in #support as it doesn’t involve a server related issue or something along the lines of that more of something to go in #general i believe
Also, that would have to be because of how heavy you are… I fly the 748 loads of times, it’s a beast, but careful with the weight as it can become an extremely heavy aircraft, and the rocking isn’t something to worry about sounds like winds which is perfectly okay:)

I used to have that problem I call it swimming. The easiest way to combat this is to defend down to around 11k and get up to M0.85 which is the 747 (all variants) cruise speed. I know lots of users will say dont do this but set the flaps to about 15° (I think that’s a setting on the 747) then dont climb over +2500VS to about FL350. That always works for me. Should work for you @journalimages

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Gonna be that guy🤷🏻‍♂️ i am flying the 748 around the world. I can climb 3000 VS to FL200 without flaps. Its a matter of weight.

The flaps as I said before are something I always have to use. It’s weird but it works. Good luck with the -8 around the world. Should work well.

@journalimages We’re here to help… But we need more information like the weight and speed and so on in order to help:)

The aircraft won’t climb over 20,000 feet. I will change the category.

What’s your weight
Also, the heavier your aircraft is the slower VS you’re going to need, in order to maintain speed and not completely crash, and a fully loaded 748 should be able to climb to FL310-320 without any issues if you climb slowly

This belongs in #live

Also, is it because your aircraft was too heavy? If so you need to step climb to avoid losing airspeed or not being able to climb

This 747-8 has been cursed for centuries

I have that problem. To simplify this for everybody, what he means is that we are facing the infamous A321 problem again.

The 747-8 hasn’t been around for centuries…


@Alphadog4646 and @KGJT-9149 seem to solve your problem, therefore

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How about we let @journalimages chime in before we assume their question was answered.


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