Aircraft has turned purple

I spawned in an Aer Lingus (old livery) A320 and the entire aircraft turned into a purple colour. No matter what I’ve done it won’t go away (I cleared the scenery cache and restarted the app many times). Anyone know what’s wrong??


Can we get a bit more information?

• Device
• Available Storage

Could be the aircraft texture not wanting to load in. I would delete the app and then reinstall it. Then try again.

im purple daba dee dabadie daba dee dabadie


It’s an iPad Air with 4gb of storage remaining

I’ve seen a topic like this before, hold on

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I’m can’t find it, but it’s had something to do with the liveries not downloading correctly I think. Just wait for @schyllberg to see this topic, maby he’ll come to the rescue!

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I’ve had that before. Try restarting your device, that should fix it.

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Yes, usually when objects render as purple they either don’t have a texture or the texture doesn’t load in, this can happen in any sort of game/simulator, and they’re quite common. Re-install the app, its a corrupt file.


I just did that and it still didn’t work.

Can you confirm if this is only happening on the A320?

I’m going to try on other aircraft now

It’s only happening with the Aer Lingus (old livery) on the a320. All other a320 liveries and aircraft seem to be working fine.

Folks, it’s a known issue and the devs have been notified. It will hopefully be fixed soon!


For future reference, clearing scenery cache has no effect on aircraft, just on scenery.

I was able to reproduce it on my iPad 6th Generation and iPhone 6.

Most likely is an issue with the livery on the aircraft.

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Nothing further is needed. Starley has already explained the situation and Seb is aware.

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It’s just a corrupt file. Uninstall the app and delete any Infinite Flight files from your device. Then reinstall it, and it should be fine. @Starley @Kirito_77 It’s not an issue with the app.

Read the previous posts. He already tried that and he still has the issue. Others are experiencing the exact same issue with the exact same livery. :)

As I said, the devs will hopefully fix this issue soon.

I have literally posted the same post. It happened alto to one of our other pilots in our VA. Aer Lingus old livery.

It’s a thing it seems. We’re looking into it.