Aircraft Harrasment

F16 is being a annoyance, hes coming in and breaking all rules, his identifier is 6A0905AA

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Hi. What server is this in?

Expert server, near Faro

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I see. As there’s is no IFATC active there at the moment, there is not much you can do. If they are really annoying and completely ruining your experience, you can PM @moderators and they will have a look.


That definitely shouldn’t be the type of flying he should be doing. Does he have a Username connected to his account? That way you can contact him and PM him.

No username connection

Just send the replay to @moderators and they should take care of it 😉.

Hey There,

I suggest you send a replay as evidence and explain the incident thoroughly in a message to @moderators, they should be able to help! :)

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Aye, I’ll be doing that after i finish my return flight


This is where you can share your replay

Also, when something like this occurs, try and give them no reaction as this will only lead to more aggravation on your part. Just try and fly as you normally would. As some stage we will always have to deal with these kinds of people, in IF and in real life. The best thing to do is to just move on.


Not gonna lie, the title ‘Aircraft Harrassment’ made me laugh AF 🤣🤣

And about the topic: Mods will help you out so shoot them a PM :D

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