Aircraft handling issues

Good Morning,

I am writing to this post today regarding an issue i have with aircraft handling on all types of aircraft. When i land, the aircraft has a tendency to immediately start veering off course and go sideways into the grass. To compensate this, i have to use a vigorous amount of rudder to keep the aircraft on the runway. I will understand why it would happen if there was a crosswind however it continues to happen in calm conditions too. I have reset all the sim settings to default and i have reinstalled the sim at least three times however it keeps happening therefore I think it may be a bug. My device details are below

  • iPad 7th Generation
  • IO 15.6

Safe landings!

Hello, would it be possible for you to screen record a landing with touches visible. this would help us out alot in determining what this issue may be.


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Hello Skyler,

Thank you for your speedy response, it is very much appreciated! I shall do that once i am back from work. As a Cabin Crew Iā€™m just about to board a flight lol.

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Thats perfect, Hope you have a safe and enjoyable flight. look forward to speaking once you land.

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