Aircraft Gyrating Around Waypoint

was doing flight from london-bali
it pissed me off

The turn was too tight so the aircraft could not correct the course to meet the next waypoint hence it started going in circles.

You should always check your fpl and remove those waypoints, in this case ULGAN.


It seems that the correct NAV doesn’t get the next waypoint, so until it take it, it makes rounds, I think so!
Check your route after, and try to make a route with space and distanced waypoints, I mean if you make a route with so many waypoints and so near, the plane is going to turn until getting that waypoint, if it doesn’t gets the waypoint, is going to make turns until it get it.

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that’s simbrief’s problem

No it’s yours, you have seen the result. Same reason with the stray waypoints, you need to monitor everything and double check the FPL. The autopilot is set the way the devs have done it, not like the real world necessarily.


i was sleeping

You should always look over your flightplan to make sure turns are not too tight. In general it is better to have as few turns over 30-40 degrees as possible before setting nav.

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In all fairness though it’s rare and now you know to check, any waypoints quite close to each other where there is a turn need removing before you leave your device, takes a few minutes at most. I hope this helps you out in the future.

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Simbrief is a little heavy with the waypoints I noticed, suggest deleting the ones close to each other.

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Say what u want the circle that u made looks rlly cool on the map

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But at the same time I feel bad…

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